Passing values forward | Unveiling the multiculturalism design 

SAAMU was amazed at the ubiquity of African traditional print, which makes them ambitiously focus on the vibrancy, uniqueness of this textiles. Since they have experienced in the tribal textile industry under Smith Garment factory company, fascinated in cultural inherent in cloth which express their patterns of attitudes, values and beliefs shared by members of society, so they attempt to pass their story 

The word “SAAMU” represents the characteristic of festivity and joyfulness. Therefore; They aimed to disclose your vivid subconscious and self-confidence through our design. Their core value is to be a representative of cross culture design, influenced by the cosmopolitan streets. They delivered the new experience of twisted exploration design for everyday life. They would like to pass these values forward to our society to show how special of this multiculturalism through their design. They put their heart into every single pieces that they made, dedicate time and work hard to make sure their design is fresh ,fun and lively enough for you.

based in Thailand

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