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elora de pape

glass ​artist




The stained glass combines the symbolism of light, a noble material, technical knowledge and creativity.

A lover of the Arts since always, Elora de Pape was initially trained in comics in Saint-Luc (Brussels). During her studies, she discovered stained glass as a perfect means of expression, and obtained a DMA option in the art of transparency at Olivier de Serres (Paris), with the congratulations of the jury.


She appropriates a traditional technique, steeped in history to create a new symbolic and poetic vocabulary in tune with our times.

Strong of an artistic and technical practice, its vocation is to create unique works, included in an architecture or in the form of luminous tables, which respond harmoniously to the spirit of a place.


A constant back and forth between drawing, painting, and the glass material allows him to enrich his work.

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