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arno 2bal

artist 2.0.





Arno 2Bal describes himself as an “artist 2.0.”. All of his graphics or visual identity development projects systematically start with a hand-drawn sketch. The photo editing and the image construction only come afterwards in the process – being nowadays an unavoidable step for every artist. However, Arno 2Bal insists on keeping touch with the paper, the canvas or whatever tangible medium as a starting point.

His little figurative touch of madness is a mix between texts, sketches and raw materials. His non-respect of perspectives and proportions confer him a very recognizable particular style. His knowledge of the classics of art history is nurtured by the actual references, comic books, African patterns, urban art and the “skate” culture. His creations are filled with humor and lightness and address today’s topics in a nerve-racking and renewed point of view. His experience in Africa has instilled in him the need to use recycling – which is now a great part of the supports Arno 2Bal uses for his work. It is not rare to find excerpts from the daily press in the heart of many of his realizations.

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